On February 9th 2014, 50.3% of the Swiss voters expressed their desire to limit and regulate the so called «mass immigration». 
This decision attempts to abolish the bilateral agreements, established in 1999 between Switzerland and the EU, which lead to the opening of the borders and defined the rules for free movement of persons and workers. In the eyes of Europe and of the entire world, this extreme, narrow-minded and hard decision darkens and blurs the idea of an international, open-minded and Human Rights promoting Switzerland. 
We are the other half. The 49.7 percent who are now ashamed of their country and who wish it to be known for its openness, generosity and creativity. Because creativity gives birth to new ideas, new schemes and new solutions. 
The people who hurt our country are not foreigners. Instead they are the half of the Swiss population who wrote a dark page into our history books in 2014, without really imagining the mark such a decision could leave on future generations and on our country. 
Creatives and thinkers, bring your support: create and help us to build the largest positive digital showcase of contemporary Switzerland! 
Let’s show them that we, the other half, are not this kind of Switzerland. That we are a multicultural, mixed, economically open, curious 
and cohesive country. For us and for the others.
Essence SGV 2015 - Bronze interactive
GRAND 2014 - Social media

Motion design: Karim Merzoug

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